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Decking remains popular in the UK and there is now increased interest in the different types of wood available suitable for decking.  Consequently there is a demand for information surrounding the different aspects of decking.  Home owners want to know where they can find a company to build them a timber deck in their gardens.  DIY enthusiasts and the trade wish to source decking supplies.  Deckingweb intends to supply as much decking information as possible to meet these needs. We hope that you find that Deckingweb is the source of timber decking information for the UK.

Deckingweb will seek to give the answers to these timber decking related questions :-

Where can I find a deck builder in my area ?

Where can I find a stockist of  timber decking materials in my area ?

Who are the main producers of timber decking ?
Where can I find decking screws and clips for secret fixing?
How popular is decking? Where can I find timber decking information?
Where can I get technical information and books about decking ?


What accessories are available for a timber deck ?
What is a good hardwood that is suitable for timber decking ? What products are available to care for timber decking ? Who makes the treatments that are used on timber decking ?
Where can I see some photographs of decks for timber decking ideas?
What different types of timber are suitable for timber decking ?
Timber decking is a natural option as an external flooring material. There are now a wide range of different types of decking timber to choose from, including budget priced treated softwood up to high quality durable hardwoods. Decking provides an excellent solution to provide a good stable surface for an outside area. It is possible for a skilled handyman to fit their own decking or there are many specialist deck building companies available to do the deck building for you. In deckingweb you will find photographs that show some examples of professionally built decking.
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