My First and Second Visit to Cash Monkey before and after Holiday

I planned to spend this year’s holiday going to Bali. Of course, before I left, I needed to exchange some money to Indonesian currency, which is IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). I live Nottingham and I had no idea where to go for currency exchange.

My friends recommended me to go to Cash Monkey, which technically is a pawnbroker. I didn’t even know such a pawnbrokers Nottingham has, but I went there anyway. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure if a pawnbroker can do currency exchange. When I knew I’d be needing IDR, my first thought was to go to the bank. However, this pawnbroker changes everything.

When I got there, one the staff, who seemed passionate about his job greeted me and asked me what I needed. I told him that I needed some currency exchange to IDR. I was shocked when I knew that they had it. At that moment, they only had a few amount and they wanted to make sure if the amount they had in hand was as much as I needed. Thank God, it was.
pawnbrokers nottingham
I was curious about how they could get Indonesian money in there. When I asked the staff, he said it was just because someone just exchanges that IDR to GBP. So, before that, I thought they had some kind of dark business about currency. Apparently, they don’t. As the pawnbroker, what they have is simply what people sell. I like that “honest” kind of business, making me feel secure in purchasing.

So, that was it. Only in a few minutes, I got my IDR.
After I came back from holiday, I still had some of the IDR in my pocket, which of course I didn’t need anymore. I thought of keeping it as gifts because that money was from another exchange I did in Bali (I spent all the IDR I got from Cash Monkey in Bali, so I needed more while I was there). But, instead of keeping it, I decided to go to Cash Monkey to change it back to GBP as well as seeing what’s new there.
I went there and told them what I wanted. Somehow, the staff suddenly look glad and thanked me a bunch of the IDR I was about the exchange for GBP. I asked him why and he said it was because there was another request for IDR exchange and they had been working so hard to get it. Now that I know Cash Monkey will go a few extra miles to fulfill customers’ need, I will recommend this place to anyone I know.